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    Just to let other Canadians who may be on this forum know that the Acer W510 tablet with keyboards are *finally* arriving in Ontario Canada. They're appearing on both the Future Shop and Best Buy websites and I picked one up today from Future Shop in Guelph.
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    Let us know how you like it!
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    I'm really enjoying this device for its flexibility. The tablet alone is the same weight as the iPad and with the keyboard still comes in well under 3lbs. I haven't used the device long enough to have fully tested battery life but it does look so far that it should easily get 10-12 hours of useful work with wifi, bluetooth, and screen at 30-40% (still very bright). Build quality seems good but not "excellent" like an Apple device. I'm still looking for fully functional trackpad drivers as there currently are no Win 8 gestures available. Could just be a matter of time.
    I did have the ASUS Vivo RT device (with keyboard) for a time but found RT to be too restrictive as there are simply not enough apps in the Windows Store yet. So, in the meantime I will stick with full Windows 8 that the W510 offers and be able to enjoy ... the ability to run legacy apps, ability to run new Win 8 apps from the Windows Store, have long battery life, have instant on, have compatibility with home and work networks and software tools, and have both a productivity tool (laptop) and fun device (tablet) all in one unit.

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