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    Android is great but its core is more complex. Having all the options to customize (like no other Phone OS) comes with a price : security and stability, plus, battery life. Android makers are now moving to Quad-core CPUs, to get the same performance WP8/IOS delivers with 2 Cores. Battery life is still an issue, and won't change a lot precisely because all of the OS core features (it's strength compare to others), is also it's greatest weakness (consumes more battery power).
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    Tell that to the Razr Maxx lol :P it is true though. Battery life on androids seem to be less than stellar, whereas an iPhone 5 with 1500 mah battery can go for a whole day or more.
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    The Razr Maxx is still consuming more juice, just from a larger jug. 3100mah right? My Ativ S would probably do 3 days of heavy usage with a cell that size... (resting unplugged at night)
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