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    Calculator Pro is a professional calculator. It supports:

    1. 50+ math operations, including advanced trigonometric functions, logarithmic functions, and eight variable storage spaces.
    2. Programmer calculation, hex and oct calculation, bitwise calculation, and float to/from int conversion.
    3. Unit conversion, convert well known US units to metric units.
    4. Function diagram: use your fingers to change range and understand how the function looks like in an easier way.
    5. Canada income tax calculation
    6. Tip calculation: support sale tax, number of person.

    You got 6 calculation functions within one single app!

    Buy at zune://navigate/?appID=20ecf24f-f407-e011-9264-00237de2db9e

    or on your phone, search "aPanaSoft" in Market place.

    Find more apps from aPanaSoft at aPanaSoft, or follow aPanaSoft on twitter.
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    This appears to be a nice calculator with one large flaw. You can't follow what your typing on the screen. For example if you are adding 6+5, you type '6' then '+', at which the '6' disappears, then '5' then '=' and the answer appears. While calculating 6+5 isn't difficult, it is almost impossible to keep track of a longer or complex calculation. For example, how do you type in and solve 6x(5-3)/7 + 4^3?
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    the little expression on the top is to track the formula you typed in.

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