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    Money Wallet
    Version: 3.8

    Money Wallet - is a simple and useful personal finance assistant. The application combines all your accounts in one place, monitors budgets and always reminds you about scheduled transactions.

    1.-review.png 2.-accounts.png 3.-accountinfo.png 4.-accountsgroupinfo.png 5.-transactions.png 6.-scheduledtransactions.png 7.-budgets.png 8.-categoryselect.png 9.-receiverselect.png 10.-amountedit.png 11.-transactionedit.png 12.-transactionsplits.png 13.-currencytransfer.png 14.-currencies.png 15.-currencyedit.png

    All fans of Spb Finance and Cash Orginizer devoted.
    The task was to transfer functionality of Spb Finance/Cash Organizer to Windows Phone 7.

    Of course, application is not unique in it's category, but the most popular applications in Marketplace do not reach functional of Spb Finance/CashOrg. That why I decided to create this application.

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    • list of accounts of different types (Cash, Bank account, Credit cards and others) with customizable icons
    • groups of accounts
    • list of transactions
    • splits in transactions
    • hierarchical editable category list
    • multi currencies and currency rate history with ability to update it from Internet
    • transfer between accounts with different currencies with currency conversation
    • scheduled transactions
    • a reminder of the scheduled transactions
    • weekly, monthly and yearly budgets
    • Net Worth, Account Balance, Profit & Loss, Project reports
    • fully support of QIF-format (import/export) and export to CSV
    • database backup/restore
    • support for Microsoft SkyDrive and DropBox cloud services
    • credit calculator
    • displaying summary info on application tile
    • password protection

    Small help about templates in scheduled transactions
    Attachment 21332

    P.S. I would be glad any critics and suggestions.

    Price: $2.49

    Trial-mode limitations:
    • no more 3 accounts
    • no more 1 group
    • no more 3 scheduled transactions
    • no more 3 budgets
    • no more 1 custom report per each report type

    Free-version limitations:
    • advertise
    • transactions in budget not grouping by category
    • no groups of accounts
    • no export to QIF/CSV
    • no loan calculator
    • no account balance reconcilation
    • no custom user reports
    • no quick transactions
    • no WP8 lock screen support
    • no data synchronization
    • no automatic updates exchange rates
    • no receipt recognition

    Application language: English/Russian


    • displaying year number in reports for transactions which are not in current year
    • added "execute" context menu command for scheduled transactions
    • added "generate automatically" option for scheduled transactions and quick transactions to generate transaction number automatically
    • when adding images to transaction you may rotate them, crop, change their size or image quality
    • added ability to edit transactions in reports
    • added exchange rate chart for selected currency
    • budgets my skip transactions with empty project
    • CSV import recognize sign of the amount value
    • displaying account balance when selecting category for transfers
    • new feature: scan and recognize receipt
    • pressing "Back" button in Quick Input mode with the modified transaction didn't lead to then discard changes confirmation dialog
    • fixed some errors in budget calculation
    • synchronization didn't recognize type of the category and could mix up income and expense category with the same name
    • fixed "Use Wi-Fi only" synchronization parameter
    • fixed work DropBox service when trying to create folder that already exists
    • fixed application toolbar buttons after changing recurring options of the scheduled transaction
    • currency convert page improvements
    • fixed budget editing when setting list of account that will be handled by the budget
    • fixed error while partial database reset
    • correct value of the total balance after partial database reset
    • fixed file remove operation in DropBox service provider that blocked synchronization feature
    • fixed error in synchronization that could led to doubling transactions
    • fixed matching account balance message which contained current balance instead of desired balance


    • search highlighting in receiver selection
    • tap-to-edit in the list of splits
    • ability to edit transaction parameters after matching account's balance
    • new budget visualization template
    • new function "shrink database" to reduce database file size
    • now you're able to set account and projects that should be processed by budget
    • date ranges in budgets can cover previos period
    • extended filtering when selecting receiver, category or project
    • import from CSV
    • added ability to change the order of fields on transaction edit page
    • new function "merge" categories in the "catalogs" section
    • new scheduled template - "Every last banking day of month"
    • added list of "recently used" categories when selecting category for transaction
    • data import and database restore may work when opening file in browser
    • added list of most frequently used categories
    • Excel export now supports splits
    • redesigned import function
    • visual changes in the list of splits
    • fixed wrong behavior of "confirm transactions" command in the list of transactions that was opened from Review
    • fixed split's removing
    • transaction edit page was redesigned
    • some improvements in reports


    • updating account after changing its currency
    • name and description of existing custom report could be changed
    • added confirmation when canceling changes in transaction
    • added ability to open QIF-files from SD cards
    • QIF import doesn't freezing app
    • currency exchange rate in reports calculated according to transaction date not the current date
    • added export to Microsoft Excel
    • common interface to export to QIF/CSV/Excel
    • receiver, category and project reports in projection mode
    • displaying account balance value when editing transaction
    • added association with database backup files (*.sqlite)
    • new filter in the list of transactions: exclude transfers
    • category, project and notes of the first new created split in transaction are copying from transaction details
    • category, project and notes of another created split in transaction (except first one) are copying from the previos split
    • in addition to function to confirm several transactions added new function - reset transaction confirmation
    • new function for account balance - match balance, to check current balance and create new transaction with required difference
    • saving last used category/project and scrolling list to it next time you're selecting category/project
    • ability to postpone scheduled transaction not only for one, three or seven days, but select exact next execution date
    • ability to create budget duplicates
    • edited group name was not saving after app restart
    • updating sync status if new transaction was created or edited while synchronization process
    • in some cases transactions from account which is not considering in budgets were handled by budget
    • fixed scheduled transactions processing if transaction was postponed
    • fixed Account Balance, Net Worth and Daily Expenses reports when they have same values in the neighboring months
    • payment receiver now is displaying with bold font
    • making database backup with several cloud services sequentially
    • fixed behavior for "Working days only" schedule parameter
    • fixed performance reduce when selecting category or project
    • fixed password protection security breach
    • some minor bugs were fixed

    Free version
    Paid/Trial version
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    I have found a little error in budgets: if we adding transaction in currency differs from current that budget amount will not use currency convert rate calculate correct amount.
    This problem will be fixed in next update which will be available on the next week.
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    Update was sent to certification. At the next week it will be available on Windows Phone Store. Enjoy!
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    The next update is delayed... Since Sunday is "hanging" on the certification. I think, today, it must pass.
    This update fixes the problem with decimal input in transaction amount. Soon I will send the next small update that fixes a few minor bugs. After these updates, I will be working on the reports. I do not know when they are ready, it is a very big part in application that requires special attention, in addition, it needs to be almost completely rewritten.
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    Is this really safe? Won't you have my banking information if I do this?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Exoma View Post
    Is this really safe? Won't you have my banking information if I do this?
    Yes, it's safe. Application does not collect any information, even any statistic info.
    Some times, when users have specific problems with using application I'm asking them to send me a copy of database to reproduce the problem. And it's only way to get data, that you've entered in application.
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    There is still no news from AppHub, application is still on certification more than 5 days. Maybe tonight...
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    For those who not reading application twitter: new reports system is in development.
    Attachment 21877
    New system will support custom reports: you can configure one of the default report and save settings template as new custom report.
    Net Worth report is ready. Also ported function "Email report data", which allow to send report data as text to email.

    P.S. I'm still awaiting for certification ending of last update.

    P.P.S. Because of redesigning application internal structure I need a help with testing application of "Data managements" functions. If you want to become a beta-tester write me a message with your LiveID and I'll send you a link to application beta.
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  10. vunder's Avatar

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    Hurray! Update 1.11 soon will be available at Windows Phone Store.
    I'll wait for a little bit with 1.12 update, let's wait for beta-testers reports. Of course, I wish to publish it with new reports systems, but to finish it I need at least two weeks, publishing application with functionality less that previous version is not very good idea.
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    1.12 update was sent to certification. It will not bring any new functions, only bug fixing.
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    Hi everyone.
    Here is some new about application development.
    I'm work hardly to finish new reports system. Currently only two reports are done: Net Worth and Account Balance (public beta has only Net Worth working report, but soon it will be updated).
    Also I'm working on application starting timeout and data load timeout. I don't know will I reach some enhancements or not. Anyway this task will be making very slowly and carefully to prevent any errors and exceptions in public release.
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    Official 1.12 update is on the Windows Phone Store.
    This will be another service update, i.e. no new functions but mostly bug fixing:
    • fixed problems with decimal input
    • in quick input saving last used account
    • some bug fixed
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    Projects report is done. What do we have now you can see on screenshots.
    After finishing calculation we have a list of projects, that have transactions.

    After selecting some project at the left of the project name new button is appears.

    If you click it you will see a page with transactions of selected project.

    If we have match by splits, then transaction can be expanded, splits with current project will be highlighted.
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    Four basic reports are done: Net Worth, Account Balance, Income & Expense, Projects Report.
    Category report will be later. Also next official release will contain Budgets report and page with extended budget information.
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    Windows 8 was released! And I have some movements with Money Wallet on Win8!
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    I'm working on page with extended information about budget.

    At the top of the screen will be displayed budget name, type and current period of budget.
    Next lines displays budget limit, spend amount and left amount, and spend amount indicator.
    Next list shows report for last 3 budget periods: period, spend and left amount. Last line in the list - total left amount.
    And last one - list of transactions for current period.
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    Beta version was updated. Now you can try new budget info in action!
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    Soon I will publish new small service update to fix some problems and errors in application.
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    Very nice app. Im gonna try it out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KoukiFC3S View Post
    Very nice app. Im gonna try it out.
    Thank you. Soon I will finish work on version 2.0, which will bring many new functions. After that I'm planning work on Windows 8 client with synchronization with mobile version. Also I'm planning to make update for Windows Phone 8.
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    Quote Originally Posted by vunder View Post
    Thank you. Soon I will finish work on version 2.0, which will bring many new functions. After that I'm planning work on Windows 8 client with synchronization with mobile version. Also I'm planning to make update for Windows Phone 8.
    Will it be compatible with the Surface?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KoukiFC3S View Post
    Will it be compatible with the Surface?
    That's right! It will be WinRT application which will be compatible with all Windows 8 version, which means compatibility with Surface RT and Surface Pro.
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    Version 2.0 is almost done (update for Beta will be soon available)! I need a week for testing, then - publishing update.
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    Application was updated to version 2.0. Changes in topic!
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