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    Hey guys, I'm the developer of Pinsation, the only Pinterest app for Windows Phone with full API access. Earlier last year, Pinterest locked developers out of their official API. Recently, I regained access and Pinsation is now back on the market. When the app broke, I received a lot of negative reviews. If you guys take a look and like it, please leave me a nice review to help get my rating back up(it's currently at 3 stars).

    Pinsation | Windows Phone Apps+Games Store (United States)

    Thanks, and have a great day.

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    My sister's a Pinterest person (I'm not), so I'll be sure to send this to her.
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    I don't use Pinterest much but my wife is using it all the time. Not having a good Pinterest app has been a big source of frustration in her conversion to WP8 from Android. So I wish you luck with the app.

    I am currently getting an error on startup "Something went wrong: Sequence contains no elements" which then leaves the Following and Popular sections blank.

    I was able to repin something successfully which is more than what I was able to do in the Pinspiration app.
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    I can't log in with the standard username/passwd scheme, as opposed to FB login; I double checked my password was right.
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    Fantastic application. Thank you, Daniel. I didn't have the login problem zephjc did so all is well.
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    Update: I got it working after changing my password on the website. *MUCH* better - great app :)
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    Why is Pinsation not published anymore?? I miss this app!

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