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    After a long flight that I didn't touch it, I tried to fire up my vivo but it just stick on boot screen.
    Any advice?
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    You may try just holding the power button for a few seconds and see if anything happens... but you may need to do a "soft reset"...

    IDK if tablets work the same as WP, but on the phones you can hold volume down and power for something like 10 or 15 secondes to do a soft reset.
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    Softreset on the Surface RT is like that, press volume Down + Power button.

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    I powered on my TF600T for the first time and it freeze on startup screen ASUS logo. I tried a manual reset (reset button) and also holding the power button for 8 seconds.
    Any idea on how to start-up it?
  5. orelzion's Avatar

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    Well I tried with power button and volume down, but it only gets me to a screen with some details, no key that I pressed responded.
    Plus ,no key leads me to bios.
    Any suggestions?
  6. orelzion's Avatar

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    Nothing? Please somebody help me. It is stuck like that for almost a week now.
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  7. Jeffrey Seymore's Avatar

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    Have you contacted Asus support?

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