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  1. livingenzyme's Avatar

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    Hi guys. I recently bought the asus vivotab rt. I'm coming from the asus infinity. Unlike most people out there, I've managed to replace my laptop with tablets completely. I travel a lot with what I do, so I always need a computing device with me to work on reports and all that goodness. I've owned the ipad, acer iconia, asus transformer, transformer prime, transformer infinity, asus slider, etc.

    I know the android tablet isn't designed to replace the laptop, but I've actually managed to replace my laptop completely. In fact, my laptop is sitting in my room untouched collecting dust for almost 2 years now.

    What I've been wanting to be able to do on my tablets is having multiple screens. Again, I write a lot of reports, and it would be awesome to have one side showing pdf documents and on the other a word document. I also work a lot with excel spread sheets. Both of these are somewhat lacking on android tablets. For a while, I managed to get multiple screens on my android tablet by hacking the heck out of it with onskreen cornerstone. But ever since the jellybean upgrade, google has effectively closed off all loopholes in the framework to prevent any further hacking for multiple screens. I'm mad about this.

    A lot of people complain about the MS app store not having many apps. No problem for me. I currently use the asus infinity as my main travel companion, and it's got zero game installed. Again, I use this mainly for work and to obtain info online.

    With that said, the vivotab rt seems like a godsend for me. I will begin using it alongside with my infinity to see how it works out for me. So far, it's given me a very good first impression.

    My question is why isn't this tablet making more fo a splash? It seems like the perfect productivity tablet out there.

    So, why not he surface? I take the train a lot with what I do, and while I'm on the train I like to go over reports. Can't really do that with the surface. Good luck trying to type with the surface on the train.

    It really seems to me like the vivotab is the perfect tablet/laptop hybrid out there. Why isn't this tablet more popular? Tech sites seem to be half ignoring the vivotab. Why?
  2. romant56's Avatar

    125 Posts
    I just got mine and I absolutely love it except for two very minor issues that I mentioned in another thread. But yeah, I have trouble even finding a good forum dedicated to the Vivo Tab RT. I guess maybe the price was too high originally and that scared people away.

    I helped my girlfriend with her Android tablet the other day and couldn't believe how convoluted and slow the whole OS was.
  3. asus_usa's Avatar

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    208 Global Posts
    I believe upon its release, there was a lot of confusion between Windows 8 RT and Windows 8. Microsoft did not do a good job educating customers on the differences, and a lot of people were put off when they realized that it wasn't a fully functioning Windows device. That, coupled with the newness of it all, is having a lot of people hesitant to jump over, in my opinion.

    Being an owner myself, I absolutely love this thing. Honestly, the keyboard dock makes all the difference. If it wasn't for that, I can honestly say there is no way it could have replaced my laptop as a mobile work device (I have a desktop for home use). Hopefully, as the MS app store grows, more and more people will give it a chance. You gotta remember, when Apple's app store was introduced, there wasn't a lot of useful apps on it either - now look at it. The same can be said about Google Play. Anyways, welcome to the VivoTab RT family, livingenzyme!
  4. mayoo's Avatar

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    If you guys have MKV then do buy the HDMobile Video app .. it can plays MKV with no issues !!!

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