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    Long story, but I'll try to distill it. I ordered two SIMs from ST, a micro for the 920, and a normal mini for the DVP. They only sent me the mini-SIM. I couldn't wait for the micro-SIM, so I cut the mini-SIM down to fit in the 920 (it works fine). They finally got me the micro-SIM they forgot to ship.

    I figured it would just be a matter of carefully positioning the micro-SIM in the mini-SIM slot in the DVP. Well, I have tried it about 15 times without any luck. I turn on the phone and get no bars of reception at first, and then get "Invalid SIM".

    Oh, and I forgot to mention it's an ATT SIM going in the TMo DVP. It's my wife's first smartphone, so I'm not too concerned about 3G. I figured even if I couldn't get 3G, I should at least be able to get the phone to read the SIM.

    One thing I noticed between the TMo and ST SIM is the ST one's chip surface is about 1-2mm wider, though they both have the 6-rectangles plus center spot layout.

    Am I missing something?
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    No one has any ideas?
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    Have you called ST to make sure the SIM is activated?
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    I think you need to get the correct size sim for the DVP. I have a DVP myself and it takes a Standard Sim. You need the standard sim adaptor so you could put your micro sim card in it then slide that standard sim adaptor in the DVP it should work. I done it in mine and it work just fine. Otherwise you really should get the Standard sim card for the DVP not Mini.

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