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  1. Ronny Gydar's Avatar

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    Version 1.2 was approved on Thursday, and I sent in version 1.3 same day. Version 1.3 should in other words be out Wednesday/Thursday this week.

    Working on version 1.4 as-we-speak :)
  2. Ronny Gydar's Avatar

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    Working on version 1.7, and today the "high contrast keyboard"-mode was finished. Is also more Metro'ish...sorry Modern UI'ish...which I know a lot of people like.

    Screenshot of the new highcontrast-dial-pad

    I am also working on the "speed-dial"-stuff, so one can map long press to all the digits and not just 1-key, which today is for voice mail, no pictures ready for that part yet.

    I expect to send in this new version by the end of the week, so you all should have it next week.

    I will post more info as I work on my facebook page, and also do some posts here too.
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  3. Ronny Gydar's Avatar

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    ...and now a sad story...

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WP_000003.jpg 
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    my mum (who this app after all was created for) actually managed to break her trusted Lumia 800.

    Some stranger passed her on the sidewalk, and bumped so hard into her shoulder that she lost her phone that she was talking in. He did not even stop, just walked on by.

    So right now my mum is using an old LG developer phone I got from Microsoft in the summer of 2010 (before the official launch of WP7)...she does not like it so much...I got a feeling she's gonna buy another Lumia...good for Nokia's economy I guess...maybe that guy was Elop? :)

    No worries, this post does not mean I will start posting non-PeopleSearch-related stuff here...this was after all kind of related to People Search after all :)

    Next post will be about the speed-dial-stuff I am also working on for version 1.7...
  4. Ronny Gydar's Avatar

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    I ended up doing a lot more than I planned, so there will be no version 1.7, but I went straight for version 2.0.

    And version 2.0 has just been sent to Microsoft for testing.
    Should be in Marketplace within a week.


    • HIGH CONTRAST KEYBOARD MODE; Makes the keyboard easier to see in bright sunlight (new option in MENU).
    • SPEED DIALING / PRESS-AND-HOLD FAVORITES; Put favorites to the dial keys 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and 0, so you can call/text them with press'n'hold of a single button.
    • 3 new custom-icon options (9 in total now).
    • Dial pad use accent color as background on key press (so the app blends even more into your chosen theme).
    • Added a 'Got it, don't show this anymore'-checkbox to the info-text that is shown in last used (so the app looks nicer when you have gotten the message:)
    • Backup/restore now also covers speed dial and last used (this data is of course stored privately and is not shared or used in any way, other than making it easier for you to restore on a new phone).
    • Tip about tap-number-to-clear++ is not shown if user taps once on it (then I assume you 'got it').
    • Tuned the start-up animation so the LOADING-text is not shown on extremely fast devices. WP8 devices are so fast that the loading-animation just blinked.
    • BUGFIX for issue that occurred when one-or-more contacts had a empty Display Name.
    • Many other tweaks, minor bugfixes and enhancements.

    As always you can see whats new and planned for the future here: Versionhistory

    Assign phone numbers to keys on the dial pad for long-press calling or texting.

    A new high contrast, and Modern UI friendly dialpad, that makes everything easier to see in bright light.

    3 new icons that you can use as tile for the app.

    If anyone want the app right now...just send me the LiveID you use on your phone from my contact page, and I'll send you an BETA-link.

    his is not really an BETA, it is the exact same version that I sent to Microsoft today. You'll just get it one week before everyone else :)

    Best regards
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  5. Ronny Gydar's Avatar

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    Version 2.0 is now in Marketplace, and the app is also free on Sunday 16. - Monday 17. now is the "most tactical" time to download it ;)
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