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    Hi all, looking for some beta testers for a Redbox app I just wrote. Very robust app that allows you to reserve movies and games. If you would like to see some of the other work I have done, Reminders Pro is one of my apps. You can search for apps by OCTnine as well. Im just a small one man show doing this in my spare time and could use the help testing the app. I appreciate any and all feedback. If you are interested send me your hotmail/windows live email address that you used to set up your phone and Ill add you to the list.

    I will post the app as beta to the marketplace later this week (8/17/2012 at the latest, sooner if enough people want to join). I would really appreciate the help and I really do appreciate any and all feedback, good and bad. Any ideas you have as well, please send them my way!

    Here is a list about what the app does/can do:
    You can view redbox titles by genres (action, comedy etc...), coming soon, top 20 and games.
    You can view all kiosks within your given location.
    You can view all titles currently available within each location.
    You can view a map of all kiosk locations within your location as well as a map for each individual location.
    Clicking on a map pin (kiosk location) will give you the option to get driving directions to the kiosk.
    You can save titles to rent at a later time (good for a reminder to rent coming soon movies).
    You can rent movies or games via the app. The app does open a webpage within the app which allows you to rent the movie. This is a requirement by Redbox. While it may not be the most convienient option, it does work well and it does help keep your information secure by performing rental information via a secure site. Your personal information (with the exception of location) is not asked for nor stored by the app itself. The app will not have any of your credentials (credit card, physical address or name etc...).
    After renting a movie you will be given an option to have a reminder to alert you to return the movie which will alert you at 6:00pm the next day.
    You can view all of the details available for each movie or game. The only exception is the rating, this is not available currently for developers from Redbox, as soon as it is it will be made available to the app.

    Thanks again!
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    I can be part of your Beta program, buzz me on Twitter @mmudassir
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    Ya let me know too! Find me on twitter as well, @azagg45
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    I just got a new 8X so I wanna be in this as well @rkopsie
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    i would like to try twitter @kaiser10123

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