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  • 1 Post By shinygerbil
  1. Obaid Ghafoor's Avatar

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    I have developed a few games with unity3d on my PC is there any way I can make them windows phone compatible, and port these to the windows phone 8 marketplace?
  2. Reflexx's Avatar

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    You made a PC game?

    It's going to take just as much work as it would to make it play on an iPhone.
  3. shinygerbil's Avatar

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    Is that answer sarcastic or...?

    Microsoft have announced that WP8 is compatible with Unity but I'm not sure whether this is something which is available now or Coming Soon. I assume this is actually on Unity's side as they would just have to add a recompiler which targets WP8. I think I read it was supposed to be rolled out with Unity 4.0 but don't quote me on that. I also have no idea whether you would have to pay the full license or whatever as I don't really know much about Unity tbh.
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  4. Reflexx's Avatar

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    Not sarcastic. Maybe I just didn't understand the question.

    Unity can be used to create PC games. I assumed that the OP made browser or PC games.

    If he made iOS or Android games, then he'd likely be pretty familiar with the deployment process already.
  5. shinygerbil's Avatar

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    It was just a very...taciturn answer. :p

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