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    I have a few ideas that I need help with. I've always been the business, art, and design person while he was the art and programing. I have one app that is 95% done, the others just have some art.

    Anyone have any free time to help?
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    Could you be a bit more precise? What is your app about, what kind of art do you mean? Which tasks are left?
  3. DurnDurnDurn's Avatar

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    Also where are you located?
  4. CJ Thunder's Avatar

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    I'm in SoCal, the almost done app is a unit converter. It failed cert because of a back button error, but that was a year ago on 7.5. The other app I might be able to cobble together on that new program MS released today.

    The unit converter I can pm pics to whoever is interested.
  5. celikkoseoglu's Avatar

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    I can help you just @ me on twitter @celikkoseoglu
  6. sergiotacc's Avatar

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    I am interested to finish your project.


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