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    .. develop only for WIndows Phone? And what keeps you doing it considering it's the smallest market (by size) of the top 3 ecosystems?
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    because it is the smallest--more to make that can be used
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    Main reason? C#
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    more visibility and chance to make it big in this ecosystem too. Just more business opportunities
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    Thanks guys - I agree with all of you.

    For us it was purely a love for Windows Phone and Metro. I remember getting my first LG E900 and thinking how this was going to change the game. It might have also been a little bit about being different at a time when the world was going in another direction. ** For full disclosure however I should mention that one of us is from Finland and therefore has an infinity to Nokia as everyone there does :)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Robert Carpenter View Post
    Main reason? C#
    Me too. I'm considering WP8 development for this very reason. Personally, I think WP8 is still immature and Microsoft is moving too slowly. Nokia seems to be carrying this cross by itself. I'm about to get my first smartphone ever and I decided that it will be a WP (likely a Lumia 822) solely because I know some C# and it's probably smart to leverage this skillset. So yes, I'm embracing WP8 because of C#. Hopefully, Redmond will dedicate more resources to the platform now and make me proud of being a WP user someday.

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