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    I just got a new Asus Vivo Tab TF810 and seem to be having a very strange and annoying issue with the screen.

    Wherever there is supposed to be a light grey color on the screen those areas flicker between normal and a darker grey. When it is the darker grey it almost looks like how gradients would look on a 16 color screen where the color almost have a crosshatch pattern on it. And it only happens in areas with light grey. White and other colors still show fine. For example if I look in the pc settings screen in Windows 8 the left hand side with the menu options gets the flicker and the right hand side looks fine. Again, it happens anywhere with a light grey color, regardless of the app. It started out not happening too often but now it is non stop. I have tried restarting but it hasn't worked.

    Another issue that may be related is that twice now I have moved to another app and I can see in imprint of the previous screen like a burn in except I only had the app up for a second. As soon as I do anything else the "burn in" goes away instantly.

    Not sure if this is software or hardware related. I really don't want to send my tablet in for repair. Any ideas?

    Thank you.
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    I have an ASUS Vivo Tab TF810C tablet and don't have any screen issues as youve described. I would return it for another one. and I love this tablet, selling my iPad now that I have this amazing device.
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    If you just got it, exchange it for a new one. I havent noticed anything like what you describe.
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    Same here, got the same problem and can`t return it as i got mine from USA to India :(
  5. BlueCaret's Avatar

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    Update to my issue. Never found a fix. Sent it back in to Asus. After waiting almost a month they sent the exact same one back with a note saying they saw no issue.... UGH.. So I sent it back to Newegg instead for a replacement. Newegg just emailed today that they confirmed the issue (funny, Asus couldn't!) and I'll be either getting a replacement soon or a refund if they are out of stock.

    Not too happy with Asus right now.

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