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  1. Rubik_H2CO3's Avatar

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    he say it has Tegra 3 1.3Ghz Processer, 2GB RAM, HDMI-OUT, USB Port, SIM Slot, 16point touchscreen, runnning Windows RT(not RT 8.1)
    model name is nvidia p1001
    i think this prototype was dropped, no reason to use tegra 3 now.

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  2. stmav's Avatar
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    Why would a nokia tablet have a NVidia model name?
  3. husfus's Avatar

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    looks really slick and slim <3
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  4. John Mumpitz's Avatar

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    this in CYAN. Do. Want. Now.
  5. ScreenSaver24's Avatar

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    The charger connector looks very similar to the surface.
  6. Kenny G Jr's Avatar

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    They could do better than that.
  7. mxtremex6's Avatar

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    No ... not so soon would i take this....
  8. TeknoBlast's Avatar

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    A Nokia RT tablet would be nice.
  9. BIGPADDY's Avatar

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    I would like a W8 full version.
    The craziest member on WPCentral!

    SONY Windows Phone 8.1 release sometime in June!
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  10. LMZR's Avatar

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    Yeah, i'd like one with the Intel Atom processor instead of the Nvidia tegra 3.

    Other than that, it's Nokia! :)
    Proud owner of a Nokia Lumia 1520 in Black! :)

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  11. Jazmac's Avatar

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    I would pass on the tegra 3. Its the same chip in this Nexus 7 and it is not very good.
  12. nube_android's Avatar

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    Qualcomm much better. Like the Intel of the mobile chips.
  13. gsquared's Avatar

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    I've stated before that Nokia getting into the tablet market is a very risky move for them. Particularly the RT side of things. Unless they are planning to do something to differentiate themselves (ie: exclusive RT apps) I would be surprised to see a Nokia RT device come to market.
    Support your third-party developers. There just about all we have...
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    its a PROTOTYPE, they always look ugly compared to the real thing, nokia wouldn't release something very ugly, or at least not recently if I can remember correctly lol..

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