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  1. Mike3of3's Avatar

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    yes, my housemate has just got a 920 after I demonstrated my 820 to him and hes usually an Iphone kind of guy. Its almost as good as my 820, but not quite
  2. phasar's Avatar

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    No, and I would be embarrassed to recommend one to a friend or family member.
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  3. Mahdi Ghiasi's Avatar

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    I have the first Windows Phone in the family, a nice blue Lumia 620 :)

    Windows phone is not much popular in my country... But I love WP8!
  4. Daniel Ratcliffe's Avatar
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    3 friends from school (I believe all have the Lumia 610), 2 friends from uni (one has the Radar, not sure about the other), my cousin (Lumia 800), his best mate (Lumia 610), and my dad (Lumia 800).

    I have the cream of the crop though, the Lumia 920.
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  5. conanheath's Avatar

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    Nope. No one. I saw a few being sold at store when I was there. Most People I deal with have never even heard of WP and, in current form, I can't recommend it either. Have to see how quickly the updates start rolling out.
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  6. bawboh86's Avatar

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    Yes. A couple of friends from my last job have 920s, one person I work with now has a 920, and I know someone that recently picked up an 822 on Verizon.
  7. MillionMonks's Avatar

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    No one in my immediate family, acquaintance or colleagues. I saw a Lumia 900 in the wild while crossing the street. The guy saw me too, when we passed by each other, we were looking at both our screens, when we realised were were both checking each other's phone we just gave a thumbs up :) (I have an HTC 8X

    One time I was inside a bus and a girl sat beside me with a 820. I think she saw me texting. The bus was almost empty.
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    Well I got my twin hooked on WP and switched him off his iphone. Otherwise, some people I work with have some, about 4 employees, the rest have android or iphone. Its okay though, I expect to see WP growing. Anybody I've shown mine to that have android want to switch because WP is so much easier to use and works much better too.
  9. Bob Hoil's Avatar

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    Five of my friends have Nokia lumias. Ranging from Lumia 900 to Lumia 920!
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  10. Danijel B's Avatar

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    I know 4 people, but the fact is that people dont know about WP.
  11. wescoerg's Avatar

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    Just me (HTC 8X), my wife (Nokia 822), and my dad (Nokia 822) have them.
  12. WinFan1's Avatar

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    i own a lumia 920 and my friend has an 810 and a couple of my friends are gonna get 2 920s red and white mines is black and 2 friends own 710s my brother owned a 900 and a few colleagues at work have 8xs and 920s and 900s
  13. squire777's Avatar

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    I know a couple of people who had 7.X devices.

    I do see a lot more WP around town though, usually when I'm on the subway.
  14. ryaoni's Avatar

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    I have a Lumia 710. My dad and cousin have the Lumia 920. My sisters friend has the HTC 8x.
  15. qwerty248's Avatar

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    I know 3 kids in my school with wp7 (Samsung Omnia W, HTC Trophy, HTC Mozart) and I've persuaded 2 of my friends to get WP8 (Lumia 820 and HTC 8S)
  16. johnblair7's Avatar

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    One of my brothers in Leeds has a Lumia 800, one of our friends we haven't seen for years but found us on Facebook has L800, her daughter a L900. Yet another friend we haven't seen for years but found us on Facebook has a L800. One of our branch managers rung me with a query and said he had turned to the darkside. He's now got a L920 after having Android. Last week just as I was leaving our King's Lynn branch people, one of the staff pulled out a pink L800, she said her partner had a L900.

    In a chip shop in Spalding a girl in the queue pulled out a blue Lumia. Yesterday I took my wife to the Pilgrim hospital in Boston, I saw a woman speaking on a blue L800. A couple of weeks ago I saw a customer in one of our branches with a black L800.

    All quite recent, I've had my black L800 for over a year and bought my son one in the middle of last year on a good deal with Tesco mobile.

    Although until recently I'd not seen many or knew many people with them. I've had a lot of people in our branches asking me if my phone was one of those Lumias, so people certainly seem to be aware of them.
  17. Bartdog's Avatar

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    I know three other people who have a windows phone. I was playing tennis and heard the Nokia text message sound. I thought it was my phone but turned out one of the guys on the other team had a 900, too. The second is a student who goes to the same church I do. The third is another tennis guy. This one is a .net developer and is planning on creating an app. I keep telling him he needs to build an instagram client. He reads this board. Hey, Durga!

    Incidentally, yesterday i whipped out my red.... L920 in the elevator and a woman from accounting recognized it said she loved it, had wanted to get one, but let her daughter talk her into a $.01 ip###e 4.
  18. HeyCori's Avatar
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    I've seen people locally with a WP but I don't personally know them.
  19. BIGPADDY's Avatar

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    I know two people my brother and a colleague at work that about it
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    My friend from school , she has a focus flash. I don't know if she swapped it for a WP8 device or not tho. Someone I talk to on Facebook also recently had her 900 swapped for a 920 after it's screen shattered. When I was in school I used to see several WPs in the wild, I also even saw 2 girls with them one loved how integrated everything is while the other complained about the lack of apps.
  21. Blu3V3nom07's Avatar

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    My brother's ****ty friend's brother has a WP7. And I saw a WP7 at the movies, and a WP8 at a local H-E-B. : )
  22. bbqrooster's Avatar

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    A former colleague moved from an Android phone to a HTC 8X. He emailed me and told me how happy he is now because his HTC 8X is head and shoulder above his previous Android phone.
  23. gedzum's Avatar

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    One of my cousins is the only person I know with a WP. He also got the Lumia 800 a couple of months after me after trying my one out.
  24. Angry_Mushroom's Avatar

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    A few with the new HTC 8x, one with a Nokia Lumia 900, and another with some WP7 HTC.
  25. JamesDax3's Avatar

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