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  1. bsayegh's Avatar

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    Do you know anyone outside of your immediate family who owns a Windows Phone? I have only seen one WP out in the wild and that person traded her Lumia 900 for an Android phone in like a month. Otherwise I have not seen a single person who owned a WP, but apparently there are a few million of them out there. It makes me wonder where these people are who own them. I assume more people here have a WP, so they must exist, right?
  2. beachhoppr's Avatar

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    Nope. I'm the only one I know.
  3. stmav's Avatar
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    A friend's wife has a 920. Also ran into someone I used to work with over the holidays and he had a black 920. I have yet to see a htc in the wild.
  4. Dadstar0410's Avatar

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    Someone at my high school has a white 920. I'm the only one I know who has an 8X.
  5. chadwick611's Avatar

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    my wife has one and I know of 3 other folks that have windows phone 2 Nokia 1 HTC and 1 Samsung
  6. RushilPa's Avatar

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    Haha my sister who I persuaded to buy the red Lumia 920, her husband had an HTC surround from 2010 till about mid 2011. He now uses iPhone 4S. That was my first time using a windows phone, his HTC Surround. I own a Lumia 920..
  7. reckoner79's Avatar

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    My nephew has an HTC 8x, the only other person I know with a WP.
  8. tgp
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    A couple guys I work with have them. But, we are a Microsoft partner, so go figure! The ratio at work is 60% Android, 40% WP, 0% iPhone/Blackberry. Other than that, a Facebook friend that I haven't actually seen for years has one. That's all I know of. I don't recall ever seeing a WP in the wild. In my social circles outside of work, I'm guessing it's divided about evenly between iPhone & Android.
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  9. fardream's Avatar

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    One of my colleagues has a black Lumia 920
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    I have my own forum and of my members has an 822. It felt good talking to someone who chose the os themselves vs people I had to convince to get it.
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  11. ttsoldier's Avatar

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    There are so many threads like this. wow.
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  12. TonyDedrick's Avatar

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    I don't know anyone in my immediate family with a WP, let alone my extended, friends or acquaintances
  13. the_icon12's Avatar

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    All of my friends
  14. iamtim's Avatar

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    The guy to whom I sold a Nexus 7 tablet (oddly enough for the cash to get my WP) had a Lumia 920. One of my coworkers has a Lumia 810 and one of my buddy's has a Lumia 822.
  15. cashcar1979's Avatar

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    Two colleagues have the Lumia 822, one colleague still has a Dell VP, and two friends got the Lumia 920. So that makes 9 people that I personally know (the five mentioned plus me, my wife, my bro, and my father).

    So..im doing my part! Trying to get another friend switched over from iPhone to the 920!
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  16. strokee's Avatar

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    One friend. He has been talking up Windows Phone since early 2012 and convinced me to try the 8x I am using.
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    I've seen about 3 on campus at TTU. All engineering majors so far. Idk what that says since I think it's a great phone for all disciplines. Also at my job we have two guys with Lumia 900, one with the 920, myself with the 8X, and one guy with the iPhone. This is our departments IT office where I work.
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  18. Andreas H's Avatar

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    Don't know anyone with a Windows phone. I saw one in the wild a year ago so I know they exist... Really happy with my 920 though.
  19. Gaichuke's Avatar

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    I live in Finland.

    You can see nowadays see WP's (only Lumias though) everywhere. App coverage of national services like banks is also almost par with iOS and Android.

    This is WP country.
  20. Noahma's Avatar

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    I've seen quite a few lumias around the suburbs of Denver. A friend of mine purchased one one before I could get my hands on one. I did not know he made the purchase until after Christmas. I have not seen any colored ones except my red 920 and some lady texting on the highway with her cyan one lol
  21. Pi Sin's Avatar

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    my family of 5 all use 920 and i been seeing people at the central market carrying 920, total about 11. Oh i am in remote village area :)
  22. jabtano's Avatar

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    Yes..the wife has a L810 three kids have the L710 one has the HD7 ...9 people at work all L920.....
  23. frugo's Avatar

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    5 of my friends
  24. craigy18181's Avatar

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    I know 4 people with windows phone, 2 x L920, 1 x L820 and 1 x ATIV S
  25. hysonmb's Avatar

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    Other than my brother and his family, I know a few Microsoft employees.
    I have seen a few more around in public though. I heard an alert that was clearly from a Windows Phone on the DC Metro last week and it wasn't coming from my pocket..
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