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    I have a problem with syncing of music using the windows phone app preview 3. At the start, i drag and drop my music through the "Browse Files" button at the app, but i realise that i have to remake my whole play list again. So i decided to use the Sync function from the windows phone app. I click sync on my playlist on my WMP. Its syncs all my 800 songs, good, nothing goes wrong. However, i have placed new songs in my playlist in WMP, when i click sync in the windows phone app, it doesn't put in the new songs. When i tick the box for my playlist and press syncs, it tries to sync the whole playlist of 800 songs again.

    Am i doing it wrongly, or is there any other way to sync newer songs into the same playlist. Another problem is that, i have 800 songs which is quite alot when i have to scroll down, i spend alot of time scrolling down.. i wonder if its WP8 feature to not let you any shortcut to go to the most bottom/top of the list.

    Hope someone enlightens me. Thank you.
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    Try and see if there is an answer in this thread. http://forums.windowscentral.com/win...ps-tricks.html

    If not ask your question there and the OP will do his best to help you.

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