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    As many of you know, the Surface RT comes with a paltry amount of free HDD space. Thankfully there's expandable memory up to 64 gigs. But I'm guessing there's a handful of music lovers out there that can push the boundaries. I myself have 40+ gigs stored on an external hard drive (and I only have a 32GB card in my Surface). Sprinkle in some HD movies/TV seasons and it's totally possible to run out of space.

    So I did the logical thing and deleted all my music from my Surface RT. I uploaded all my songs to the cloud (a much smaller 5 gig selection of songs). Then I deleted the local files from the HDD which left the streaming option. Now I can just stream all the songs I own. I really only use my Surface when there's WiFi available. Might as well take advantage of cloud streaming and free up some vital HDD space.
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    I've stopped downloading/buying song a few years back myself. I find that I get tired of the same old song, so I think buying them is a waste of money. Its not like the song file appreciates in value the longer it sits in your HDD. I'd rather pay for a streaming service than pay per song, because I can download/stream any song I want from the cloud, as many or as little times as I want. And of course, like you said, storage is no longer a problem.
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    I'm starting to come around to the same way of thinking. For a hundred bucks a year I can stream or download as much as I can listen to. A hundred bucks would only buy 80 songs or so a year. Its hard giving up the idea of ownership but ninjaap said, the songs don't really grow in value the more you keep them.

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