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    February is fitness month at Mobile Nations, and you know what that means? we all get together to get in shape, share tips and tricks and recipes for success, review amazing apps and accessories, give away great prizes, and have a ton of fun!

    This here is our Nutrition MY Way contest. Simply tell us how you use your Windows Phone to eat better and stay healthier. What are your favorite apps? What are your go to accessories for diet and calorie counting, recipes and meal planning, weight tracking and nutritional balance? How does your device fit your active lifestyle? We want to know!

    Write them out like a blog post. Yup, use paragraphs, list apps, list accessories, make it really helpful for anyone else interested in using their tech for exercise!

    We'll post the best entries on Friday, so get them in ASAP! Need more incentive? We'll pick one winner a week and send them a $100 gift certificate!

    What are you waiting for, start posting NOW!
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    02-11-2013 11:05 AM
  2. Thigis's Avatar
    excell and my pocket gym guide.

    I use excell to track my weight, morning noon and or evening. as my weight has an intra day variance of about 3-4 kg. therefor to get an accurate impression of the real trend one must get multiple measurements. Mind you I also used this as an exercise to apply partially observed markov systems in practice, so the longer i use the sheet the more accurate it should become in estimating my "true" weight based on a morning noon or evening measure. If anyone is interested I I can send them a template to use.

    I also use excell to record the level of resistance and wheight i used during the last work outs and whether or not I felt like i should increase it or not during the next. no advanced mathematics here :).

    The pocket gym guide i use mostly to get a fitness program, i intend to follow the "male fatlos" program for a few weeks (which is grueling by the way) then start swapping out exercises for greater variation.

    As far as calorie counting goes, i dont bother. i simply eat 3/4 of what i used to before. no more booze except on the weekends, and try to get some more veggies into the diet.

    gym membership
    wheiging scale
    mp3 player
    lumia 920 :)
    02-11-2013 12:23 PM
  3. damielrohie's Avatar
    I use excel to track my dietary intake to estimate the calories I am taking in. I also use excel to keep track of my workouts each day, how much i do, and create a spreadsheet of my month long workout plan. I use word to build shopping lists and recipes so that I can make sure that I eat clean.
    02-11-2013 12:30 PM
  4. Kumar Nitesh's Avatar
    Health Apps; Windows Phone way
    Windows phone has quite a huge collection of health related apps. Some are really good and some of them you wish never had downloaded on your phone. I started playing with health app almost 2 month ago and now I had come down to a few app which I think( again I think) are really good and helps me out a lot. The very first app I like to mention is Allreipes app. What!!!! Yes sir, Allrecipes as to maintain good health you have to eat good food. And what app provide best recipe to make a healthy food better than Allrecipes.
    The second app that I use more often then other is "Workout Schduler", it has little demo of type of the exercise you want to do and also categorise all exercise based on the part of body you want to focus. It tells you about the good form that you should be using while doing exercise. Also when I am lost and don't know what to do next while I am gym, I go to this app look for some new exercise and do it.
    The other app that I use are 'Stopwatch' and 'runtastic', the beauty of runtastic to boost about yourself on facebook that you have ran for 5 miles or 10 miles or whatever...
    At the end of day you need a good sleep to recover from the whole day workout. While going to sleep I use 'melodies' to set a good melody to play for 5-10 min like waterfall, or chirping birds.

    I definitely recommend above apps to anyone who are looking for good health app.
    02-11-2013 01:25 PM
  5. KaraNari's Avatar
    My biggest challenges in eating healthy has been having the time to actually go to the grocery store and make meals since I am a student! Veggies are really good for your diet and if you can't get fresh produce you can always buy it frozen! Or you can buy fresh and freeze it for when you want to eat it! That way it won't go bad as fast and you don't need to go to the store as often! I also try to eat a healthy breakfast (for the past 3 weeks it has been fruit, granola and yogurt)! Healthy breakfasts help to keep you full longer so you don't gorge yourself on candy through-out the day! I also started carrying around a water bottle with me so that I won't be tempted to keep guzzling down juice or diet pop! I even got that latest water app so it reminds me to drink water every hour! I love it!

    I use my phone to surf all recipes or other recipe apps to find good meals to cook when I have time, and I used to keep a food journal but I just don't remember to enter the information in regularly. I heard there is an app where you just take a picture of what you eat so I might look for that instead!

    And lastly, although slightly off topic, I use nike+ to track my running work outs and it's a perfect motivational app, and it even records how you feel when you work out, and where you were running! It gives a lot of information and I can gauge from my work out how many calories I burned so I can use that to determine what kinds of foods I want to eat afterwards. (since I usually run before supper) Working out makes me want to stay on track with healthy eating because it makes me feel so good!
    02-12-2013 11:54 AM
  6. LeLee092's Avatar
    Sorry this is so late!
    So with my new windows phone I've actually been able to really integrate my workout and healthier lifestyle with my HTC 8x on WP8
    I just started getting into a healthier lifestyle, stopped drinking soda (or anything carbonated) about 6 months ago, and started working out 6 times a week with my roommates since January, which also happens to be when I got my Windows Phone!

    First of all, I'm in love with the 627.AM app! Mostly because of the To Do list and how it displays them on the live tiles (unlike one note) I add any of notes that me and my roommate decide about our workouts, it's a good reminder to have:


    Unfortunately we all have very hectic morning schedule so we usually end up working out at night, so I dont tend to use the alarm (at least not for workouts)!

    Second, to keep track of what I eat I use MyFitnessPal, I remember using it last year for a bit back when I was on android, but just started back up again, you log in everything you eat and it shows you how much calories you've had in the day and how many are remaining. They determine calories based on your height, weight, activity and how much calories you want to gain/lose. You can even log in workouts and subtract the calories you've burned! There has been very few times that I haven't been able to find what I ate on their database, my favorite feature is how you can just scan what your eating and it'll automatically register it! Saves so much time and takes away a lot of the guesswork. Makes my life so much easier, plus it really make you conscious of what your eating! Who would've thought that one slice of provolone cheese can have up to 80 calories!


    Third, although I live in a college campus with a bunch of android/iphones friends, one (out of the 2) of my roommate that I workout with actually has a Nokia 920! I'm still kinda new to this but I decided to make us a 'Room' called iWorkout! where we can chat, share pictures (usually of food and guys :P) and share notes, like our groceries list! I'm still in the process of setting up our calendar so that it has all our workouts on, but here's some screenshots of how it looks like (cover photo is of Henry Cavill next Superman):



    Lastly, and this is something that I just downloaded this week its a recipe app called AllRecipes (Thanks Kumar Nitesh) still in the process of learning how to use it but it it's already been great with giving me ideas or what to cook especially, I have my daily recipes set for "quick and easy" since I'm usually in a hurry and I only have like 3 things in the fridge.

    Windows really has enabled me to get fitter and to keep track with how I'm eating, although I know Windows phone lacks in apps, I'm really excited that we have such a solid app like myfitnesspal. Also the Room features thats unique to Windows is ideal for keeping communication with your workout buddy. Trying to convince my third roommate to convert to Windows that way we can all stay closer in touch!. I think if you use all these apps and features on a regular basis, it will really help you enhance your active and healthy lifestyle!
    02-15-2013 02:30 AM

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