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    I have a 64gb Sandisk Class 10 Micro SDXC. Sometimes when I try to download music from xbox music, my entire SD card will be corrupt and need to be "repaired" by my PC before I reinsert it. Maybe this phone isn't exactly compatible with 64gb cards?

    Has anyone had 100% success with an SD card?
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    It supports up to 32GB Micro SD cards not 64GB
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  3. HTC8Sphone's Avatar

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    I've got verbatim 4 gb and it works fine.
  4. Br1anK's Avatar

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    I am using Class 10, 8GB Kingston memory cards in my phones without issue.
  5. britorj's Avatar

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    I tried a 32Gb class 10 kingston and didn't worked. I tried other 32Gb cards, and same problem. Problem solved using 16gb class 10...any 16Gb works fine for me....
  6. Br1anK's Avatar

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    I think 16Gb is the max capacity the 8s can handle, hence your issue with the 32Gb card.
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    No, i'm using a 32GB class4. And it's working.
    However I had to format it in the phone for it to work properly.
  8. Br1anK's Avatar

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    Really, that is very interesting to hear.
    I'll have to have a root around the comms storage cabinet to see if there are any 32Gb cards knocking around !
  9. edge540's Avatar

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    I spoke to HTC and they said they had only tested with 32Gb and I think it was class 2 speed
  10. Jaskys's Avatar

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    So will my phone work with kingston 32gb class 10 or not ?

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