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    Got the new HTC 8S yesterday got home tryed setting it up but cant conect to my home wifi no matter what i do password allways says incorect , I need help please
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    Weird, I have had no problems at all with this, if you have access to the router try to change encryption method from example WPA2 to wep to see if you can connect?

    Can you connect with other new devices to the network? Is router st to accept only certain mac-address?
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    Not sure of your level of competence, but the first things I'd check are:

    You are using the correct letter case (i.e. UPPERCASE and lowercase)
    O's can often appear as 0's and vice versa, check that too.
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    My 8s wont connect to my home wifi it says incorrect password but ive done so many times its not the password. Anyone know what i should do?
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    Have you tried Forget network?

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