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    I haven't dropped my 8S, but this thing keeps on happening. Sometimes (at least once or twice in a day) the SD card removed warning pops up when I unlock it. It was involuntary. When I try to put it back in, it's undetected. Sometimes, it would detect after a reboot, but now, it won't in terms of the phone. It's detected fine on the PC.
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    Sounds like a bad memory card. try a different one.
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    I Have same here and change the sd but still doing that
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    I have the same trouble, but I think that I have already found the origen of this... check the SD card holder, mine is too loose, it cannot hold the SDcard keeping contact with the tracks of the phone, you should check yours, mine is moving to easy
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    Each time I restart my phone, I get a message telling me that SD card is not working, but it's just a fake message for me, the SD card works without problems, and I can always see the content without any problem. Weird...

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