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    If I have the settings set to save photos and videos to the memory card, they don't save!
    My memory card is 32GB, that's not too big is it?
    It's a bit of a pain really. I mean, I can just save them to the phone and put them on my pc, but it'd be nice to actually be able to use the memory card.
    This is on the htc 8s
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    Does your phone recognise the SD card at all, or does it just not save anything to it?
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    Im wondering if that phone can support 32gb 10 class card, could anyone tell me if it works ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jazzwilliam View Post
    There might be some compatibility issue. Recheck if the phone supports the SD card you are using. You can retry by formatting the Sd card.
    Are You really thinking that after over 1,5 year that guy has not still solved the problem ? :D

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