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    Hey guys ever since I bought my HTC 8S, my phone has never been able to connect to my Windows 7/8 laptop and PC.

    Anybody else experience this? My phone network provider or the HTC help line couldn't help me either. I tried it with the Windows Phone connection app still with no luck. According to them, even a simple click and drag should work but it doesn't

    I've heard that the coming Windows Phone 8 update should fix this....
    Hope someone can answer this problem

  2. matthew marven's Avatar

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    I know this isn't much help but I had this problem - contacted O2 who sent me a replacement handset.
  3. Satish Nair's Avatar

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    I am having the same issue. The windows phone 8 app preview provided by Microsoft does not work correctly i guess. Have you tried ZUNE? That too does not work for me..it does not detect my HTC 8S.

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