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  1. matthew marven's Avatar

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    Hi All,

    Sorry if this is already known about but I thought i'd post anyway.

    I'm now on my second 8s, after sending my original one back due to issues with synicing music from my PC to my phone I then thought I would try my hand at Xbox Music Pass. Its been good, however I seem to only be able to download a certain amount of songs before any new ones downloaded do not play on the phone - upon rebooting the songs disappear? I can stream music fine, has anyone else had this issue and found a fix? I've tried formatting my SD card and tried using a different one - same issue.

    Thanks for any help/advice,

  2. Narr's Avatar

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    I've not noticed this with songs but my playlists disappear over time; they aren't ever populated though just empty playlists.
  3. matthew marven's Avatar

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    Its really annoying, for example I have roughly 150 songs in my collection (all downloaded from xbox music) which all work fine - last night I downloaded 74 songs to my phone 90% of which do not work. If I was to reboot my phone it would remove all of the songs - the same applies for ANY new songs I download?
  4. Matt174e's Avatar

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    I'm selling my 8s and going back to WP7 because of Xbox Music. Completely useless app and software.

    Looking forward to having Zune on my Dell Venue Pro :D

    That said, the 8s is a solid phone. Everything else is perfect. I'll miss it for sure.

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