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    My battery life is pretty good, it last most the day on heavy use, but I was thinking about putting a few wireless charging plates throughout the house. I was wondering if I just happen to keep it on a plate when Im lounging if thats a bad thing that it would mostly always be charging when Im at home. Does the slower charging of the wireless charging make it ok? Just wondering about this, Thanks!
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    Don't do that. I reduces the ability of the battery to reach its maximum number of charge cycles.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolknight1968 View Post
    Don't do that. I reduces the ability of the battery to reach its maximum number of charge cycles.
    Coolknight, can you cite a reference to that? I thought today's modern batteries didn't have that issue. Thanks!
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    I've never heard that from any reliable source, while every reliable source suggests you to rather charge too often than too rare. Battery life is most hurt by letting the battery go low charge.

    NiMh batteries that were used some decade ago acted like that, charging too often was pretty much more detrimental to them, but not the case with Li-ion and LiPos.
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    Lithium Ions don't have the memory problem.

    As a Palm Pre and Palm Pre 2 user with induction chargers on my home desk, night stand, on the dashboard of my car, and on my work desk, I can assure you that it didn't diminish the battery capacity (and it was quite awesome having it topped off all the time with no effort in the process).
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    Read about it in Wikipedia.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolknight1968 View Post
    Read about it in Wikipedia.
    Not sure if serious?

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