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    Ok up until now I have not experienced any faults with my phone and I have only experienced 1 reboot but from today (a few hours ago) my phone has developed a possibly unique problem in the fact that it has lots of little red flashing dots all over the screen ? Its intermittent and I tried to take a screenshot to show it but the pic on my pc doesn't show anything ?

    I done a reset so will see if that stops it if not guess I will have to try and contact HTC because I don't think Handtec will take the phone back now.
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    Hot pixels maybe?

    That would explain the screenshot not showing anything.

    Most manufacturers will take a device back on warranty for this, as long as it's not just one pixel doing it intermittently.

    If it's hot/stuck pixels I'd try contacting HTC directly about it.
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    I had that in the first few days of having the phone along with the screen sort of flicking really quickly as in i tried to scoll down and it would snap back to the top really quickly creating like a juddering effect. It stopped after the first HTC hub update though.
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    Well my phone is going back to be exchanged or refunded. HTC said it sounds like a Hardware fault.

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