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    So far the audio has been AMAZING on my 8x. the only problem i have is that when i am playing music, pause to make a phone call, and start the music again, the music comes out all crackly and laggy. That however is easily fixed when i remove my headphones from the jack and then put it back in, and the music sounds perfectly fine. is there something that i need to change in the settings, or do i have a faulty phone? and is anyone else experiencing this kind of problem? and would this be enough cause for me to get my phone exchanged?
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    I'm experiencing similar things.
    Don't know what to do, try to return or what.

    I have also had my audio go dead except for Music from XBox Music, reboot s required when that happens.

    What did you do about this?
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    Same issue here. Quick unplug and replug does the trick. Not a deal breaker, but hopefully it gets worked out in an update.

    I havent had any reboots... so id rather have this than that haha

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