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    I thought Nokia released Nokia maps and Nokia drive for all wp8 devices. I have the maps but when I want directions im being forced to use verizons GPS direction system. This is horrible. They want $1.99 a month for this crappy service.
  2. dogfish54's Avatar

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    Nokia have been skechy on this saying they are making it available to other OEM's. My feeling is that they mean 'available for a price'. I would get the Garmin app or something similar. It's not free, but it will be cheaper than paying Verizon.
  3. juanitoriv's Avatar

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    I just ordered my HTC. I don't use maps unless its Bing. HTC cause I have buds in 10 hrs a day.
  4. juanitoriv's Avatar

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    Seriously. I have no need for Nokia maps, Bing maps, google turn by turn maps. I am a man with a wonderful sense of direction. All you need do, is find it once, save and proceed. Bing provides that. How is the sound?? Makes me feel a little good inside..
  5. juanitoriv's Avatar

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    If I remember right, southern New Mexico, was like it was up North. I had 8 years in Taos. I've heard literally "Turn off the highway at the VW bus. After the arroyo, a mile down, turn right at the burnt tree. A mile later you'll see the water tank. The three legged dog will be in the drive right after. You turn in there. If you see any sheep, turn around."

    I miss New Mexico so much....
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    For what it's worth, if you're looking to buy a nav app, I had Navigon on my Samsung Focus back in the day and found it quite nice.
  7. daverath's Avatar

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    Playing around, I deleted the VZ Navigator app and from my directions list, there's simply no button in the bottom menu to navigate now. I hope there's an API for map developers to add their app as the default navigation because I like having the navigate button in bing maps.

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