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    With some regret I returned my HTC 8X to phones4u today as it wouldn't update/download apps over 3G, (among other things)

    When they agreed the refund, I did a factory reset on the phone, however on reboot it went to a couple of gears running, (I had about 1Gb of data (mainly apps) on it) after a couple of mins the gears were still there, so I forced the phone to shut down so I could see if it asked to set up on restart, which it did. However I am now wondering if it was deleting was still going on and I had interrupted the process? I am sure some people here have had to do factory resets so are they fairly quick or do you have to wait for a while?

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    Yeah, it shows the gears and can take several minutes. If it started setup you should be fine though.
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    thanks for that, I'll change passwords etc (probably would of anyway) I have deleted the phone from windowsphone.com as well so it can't connect without a reset anyway. It is going back to phones4u so I presume they would reset it anyway, I am annoyed with myself that I didn't wait a bit longer, I had been about an hour already getting it sorted and was running out of parking time.

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