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  1. ItsMrMark's Avatar

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    I have been a longtime Android user and have had a HTC HD7 for a breif period. I am thinking of making the jump back to WP and wanted your input on why you chose WP and the 8X. Any of you previous Android users who are happy with WP now?

  2. zero157h7's Avatar

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    I am an Android user. I am using an 8x right now. I tried the Trophy but it didn't stick. I REALLY love this device and I really like WP8. My reason for switching is just that this was new and I have gotten bored with Android a bit. That being said, I am still undecided on if I will stick with it or not because, like you, the DNA is calling to me like the one ring did to Smeagol. I actually prefer the smaller size of the 8x but had no problems using the GS3. I think my feelings can best be described right now as, I like the WP UI but Android can do more. As I said in another thread, no unified notification center and lack of google maps or comparable service are my biggest complaints. Also, I am really heavily invested in Google services and they just aren't there on WP8.
  3. Wirelez's Avatar

    4 Posts
    Yes! Previous HTC Desire owner and happy with WP for almost 1 and a half years :D But I have to admit the DNA is a very cool device, but I think it's too big, and what makes my decision much easier, it won't be available in Europe anyway...
  4. tomatoes11's Avatar

    249 Posts
    DNA is too big imo. I would go with a Nexus 4 or Optimus G. I have the 8x, love the operating system but not so much the hardware and exchanging. I already exchanged the 8x once for a dead pixel or dust, now I am considering it for a loose volume rocker. I might just return it and get an Optimus G or Nexus 4 instead though. I miss Android a little bit already.
  5. ccassity85's Avatar

    9 Posts
    I just ordered an HTC 8x (Red) from Verizon yesterday and it should be here tomorrow. I went to the store and played with both phones and just thought the DNA was way too big. It is a skinny phone but IMO just way too big for my liking. The 8x just felt much better when holding it.
  6. GreekboyD's Avatar

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    No doubt the DNA screen looks sexy but that thing is just too big at 5" not to mention the battery would be a concern for sure.
  7. lzicc's Avatar

    126 Posts
    I'm not a big Android fan. I had 3 Android devices and had allot of issue with them. (Droid 2, Samsung Charge and Moto Xoom tablet) I was going to switch over to the iPhone 5 when they came out. iPhones run solid of what I have seen, but when I heard about the WP8 phone coming out, I waited for that and am glad I did. My WP8 phone runs soooo smooth and I like the UI and ease of use. There was a bit of a learning curve going from Android to WP8, but it was fun learning and didn't take long at all. The only downfall so far for me is the lack of apps, but that will be coming around I'm sure. All the apps that I used on my old Droid are available for WP8 except for the Turn By Turn navigation which will be coming out soon I'm sure.

    Plus, every time you turn around, they are releasing a new Android phone. I hate that. As soon as you get the newest one out there, another one comes out.
  8. sravanv's Avatar

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    If you're just a fan of HTC phones and you don't care about OS (which would be new to me...I've never heard of someone being a fan of a certain carrier vs. OS) then stick with the 8x. Simply put, any phone that's not a nexus will be outdated in a few months. They won't receive any updates to the awesome, new Google software unless you unlock the bootloader, root the device, and then download a ROM. Alot of handset manufacturers block the unlock of the bootloader so that right there sets you back. But even if they do allow you to unlock, then you need strong support in the Android community for ROMs being constantly updated. I might be a bit incorrect in the whole ROM building process but from my understanding that's how it goes...someone with better information can correct me. It's alot of fun if you have a manufacturer/carrier "free" device like a Nexus but it sucks when you don't.
  9. ItsMrMark's Avatar

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    I think I'm going to pull the trigger. I just upgraded from Win 8 developer preview I've been on for the last 9 months to Win 8 Pro (on desktop) so I might as well complete the package! :)

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