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  1. longsh0t's Avatar

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    So my Red 8x arrived at about 2PM so I drove home to pick it up. First thing that I notice when I started opening I noticed that there wasn't any type of seal on the box. I didn't think too much of it since it was still very well packaged. I took the phone out ready to install my full body Invisible Shield when I noticed this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It might seem like a minor thing to some folks but I was fully expecting a brand new phone without any type of defects or blemishes. I read that iPhone 5 owners experienced something similar. I called Verizon to exchange it. They were happy to exchange it for a new one but they charged me for the price of the device since I just transferred over from T-Mobile. This was pretty disappointing as well but there's apparently nothing that the rep can do about that. It seems unlikely that this is a return of some kind since the phone (red in particular) hasn't been available for very long but who knows.

    On the bright side I get to play with this phone while I still wait for my Incipio case to arrive.

    Sad face.
  2. ItsMrMark's Avatar

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    WTF? The stories of the iPhone 5 issue is also unacceptable! That scratch is also an issue. Better luck on the next one. I just bought a brand new car and found things needing repair. I feel as if competition is not only helping innovation but also reducing the quality of the product once "innovated" since they push so hard to get the devices out.
  3. Koekjes's Avatar

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    I would always take unsealed boxes back, I hate it when new bought stuff has been unpacked or opened. My HTC was in a sealed box.
  4. jaj324's Avatar

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    I watched the rep at the AT&T store open my 8x. It was sealed with the standard clear plastic seals. If it had not been sealed I wouldn't have accepted it.
  5. Coolknight1968's Avatar

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    Look... Ok, it is a scratch. I would try it, see if it does not have the evil reboot bug. If it does not reboot... keep it. Scratch is on the plastic, will get more over time. But the screen and the reboot bug and the battery are what matters. Just my 2 cents. But... I agree that it is disappointing, cause one expects it to be perfect.
  6. SRRAE's Avatar

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    I think there is a culture of HTC sending out previously returned devices.

    When I got my phone I wasn't happy that a corner of the screen was raised and after returning it I noticed that the new phone had cellophane wrapping around the box, which my first one didn't. Also the new one loaded the startup wizard when turned on, the previous one didn't.

    I would send it back straight away the longer you leave it the less inclined they are to believe you didn't scratch it.
  7. Jonadam23's Avatar

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    Did you buy it from Verizon? I bought my 8X from Bestbuy and the box wasn't sealed and they had also already removed the sim for the credit card shaped holder thing (IDK what to call it lol) and placed it in the device. There were no scratches on mine though.

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