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    I have a 2009 Mercedes CLK 350. I managed to sync the phone and I can make and receive calls but I cant transfer contacts. On the phones bluetooth it sees my cars bluetooth called "MB Bluetooth" then it give me the option to sync "My Phone" but it wont connect for some reason. Do I need to adjust a setting on the actual phone or does anyone have any ideas?

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    I have an 08 C300. Comand doesn't sync contacts, but you can send a contact as a business card. find the contact that you want, select share, and select Bluetooth.
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    I've got a 12 C250 and the only thing I can do is to accept and make calls. Is there a way to use the internet connection of the phone with COMMAND ONLINE via bluetooth?
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    Hi, I have the same car. there was an update last week following which my 950 went bad so I reloaded it today and then had to re-pair my 950. :now contact download works! See if yours has improved connectivity now

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