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    Does this/will this exist?? I've been harassing At&t and HTC about this and no one seems to be able to answer my question. I need to decide what to do with my contract renewal.
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    As of now the HTC 8X Blue is available for AT & T Service. I have not seen the one you have asked for LimeLight.
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    I held a yellow one today, they seem to not be rubberized and thus are not as easy to hold as the black and blue ones...
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    According to the website the Limelight is only available in 8gb, which is unfortunate as I happen to prefer it.
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    Unlocked the Limelight is available with 16Gb in Europe...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolknight1968 View Post
    I held a yellow one today, they seem to not be rubberized and thus are not as easy to hold as the black and blue ones...
    I have an HTC 8x in limelight yellow on o2 in UK. It's got 16GB storage and I can tell you that the outer casing is the same polycarbonate as the other colours and feels exactly the same in your hand. I think the demo phones have been somewhat abused by hundreds of grubby fingers.
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    I handled a limelight and a blue phone right next to each other at an AT&T store and noticed that the limelight did feel different, more slick.
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    The only difference between the lime and blue is the color -- they both have the same polycarbonate backing. It is possible you're holding a rev 1 blue and a rev 2 lime, as the materials changed in texture between revs 1 and 2. My neighbor has a rev 1 blue AT&T 8X, and it feels "grainier" than my rev 2. It also has the black corner problem, and mine doesn't.
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    The difference may well be the in the revision, but there are rev 2 phones with the coating problem. The part of the phone you touch is not polycarbonate, it's a polyurethane based resin applied over the polycarbonate.
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    I bought the phone anyway. I still don't understand who's idea it was to only make it 8GB in the U.S.

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