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    So, I had a HTC 8X on Verizon for roughly 2 weeks but I ran into constant issues so I returned it back for an iPhone 5 seeing as how I had a iPhone 4 previously and enjoyed my experience with it. Some issues I had with my 8X was of course my batter life, no group me notifications (when I had turned them on in the app and in my settings), can't tag people when posting to twitter or facebook form the me tile, I had contacts calling me and the number would pop up instead of their name which resulted in me ignoring the call seeing as how I "didn't know the individual", I dislike how the photos has many many albums I wish it was just one large album or gave you an option to change that.

    Over all I loved the phone it was half the price of an iPhone did everything I needed but had minor issues with it that I couldn't adjust to. But honestly, I love the OS and I miss it a lot. I have been reading up on all sorts of battery life issues and possible fixes but it seems as though everyone is having mixed results. Now I know the new update is still fresh and is only available on some carriers and only the HTC 8X; having said that I was wondering if this "Portico" update has improved the battery life even the slightest bit. The day I decided I needed to trade it back in for an iPhone was when I unplugged it with a full charge at noon then went to work from 1-9 followed by the bar with some friends afterwards then the battery was dead by 11pm. I was at work all day so I had moderately used it. I understand the Portico update is brand new and people may not have had time to notice any changes but please do report back to this thread with any updates or specific bugs you may have noticed.

    I miss my HTC 8X on Verizon... please help me decide to get it back by the end of December for I am stuck with my iPhone 5 by giving me your feedback about the new update.

    Now I am aware of the fixes it did have was always connect to wifi, SMS drafts, and SMS responses to calls but lets be real is that really that important? The only place I dont get signal is in my basement which is a rare occasion. I am usually connected to wifi or have at least 2-3 bars of signal....
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    Users who have received the update have said on the forum that it does indeed have a dramatic improvement in battery life and no reboots. That's not strictly conclusive but that's what seems to have happened.
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    keep your iphone.

    i read your post and you reminded me of me. i had an arrive with sprint. got an iphone 5 with verizon on launch and hated it. couldnt wait for wp8 to launch. yes, the battery doesnt last as long as the iphone but its just not for me. i really like being able to customize the start/home screen and personalize my experience. Besides, endless screens of icons are so 3 years ago.
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    Portico seems to:
    a) Update the firmware of 8X devices that need a better firmware.
    b) Resolve issues where the phone tried to sync data without having a data connection in lock screen. This was consuming loads of power.
    c) Improved SMS functions. Txt reply on call and txt mgmt.
    d) I did not have reboots, but it seems to fix those with many users.
    e) Bunch of bug fixes as stated above.
    f) WiFi connects faster, can be set to stay on in lock screen.
    g) No grp txt is a Verizon thing... Maybe get a 8X on AT&T, or buy a unlocked HSPA+ phone from abroad (digitec.ch, info@digitec.ch) they take credit cards and ship anywhere for a fee.
    h) The fixes do improve battery life big time!
    As to iPhone5 or 8X in your case, maybe wait for the update to be available on Verizon or get yourself a unlocked GSM if you are with AT&T. Unlocked is always best! Less headaches... But is always costs more.
    Ultimately all the 8X will get this and many updates and WP8 will be fully competitive feature wise by mid 2013.
    *** Forza Windows Phone 8 ***
    Many answers here in my battery tips & tricks post: http://forums.wpcentral.com/htc-8x/2...ps-htc-8x.html
    Please help me with my WP8 Sync App idea called "WP8 ClonePhone": http://forums.wpcentral.com/windows-...lonephone.html
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    Quote Originally Posted by Coolknight1968 View Post
    Ultimately all the 8X will get this and many updates and WP8 will be fully competitive feature wise by mid 2013.
    I am curious what you mean by that. Will we continue to receive minor updates every once in a while rather than a major update once a year? Also, do we have some clue as what should be introduced in the next few months (other than a notifications center)?
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    that's why you stay on board and enjoy the ride. Like you, im very pleased with Wp8, except some headaches, but overall im interested where this OS could go, and I can only be appreciative if I stayed from the beginning.
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    Haha, I know what you mean. Going through the adventure and over all growth of the phone together with other WP8 fans is definitely a journey. But when my battery died I realized that was the first time I had EVER had a phone die on me and I was just like ummmm this can't be an issue for the next 2 years! I miss the OS of WP8 though and am hoping to swap back soon after some more thought and debates against myself.
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    So jasqid....did you end up with an WP8 phone? Which one do you have if so. NVM I see under your icon you have the 8X. I assume you are glad you swapped to it as well?..... and yeah I was in the debate from swapping from iOS to WP8 for a while and having all my friends fully on board with iOS they all told me it would be a silly idea to swap and when I did go to WP8 then finally return to iPhone 5 they all gave me so much crap and more "I told you so's" than I know what to do with.
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    Quote Originally Posted by chenhogi View Post
    I am curious what you mean by that. Will we continue to receive minor updates every once in a while rather than a major update once a year? Also, do we have some clue as what should be introduced in the next few months (other than a notifications center)?
    There will be all kind of updates, but by the end of Q1 2013 we should get many new features, like a msg center etc. With the push out timing, carriers you know... by 2013 WP8 will do most of what an Android or iPhone can do, plus all what it is already better at today!

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