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    Went into a local Verizon store yesterday. They are selling the 8x for $99 and told me I have until February 4th to try it out and can return it for a full refund and full return of my 2 year upgrade. No restocking fee unless the phone is damaged. I may have to jump on this offer. I would like to try the black and see if the soft-touch-coating-rubbing-off-the-corners-issue occurs. It also allows me to play around with the 8x/wp8 until specs for Ativ Odyssey are released.
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    Title is supposed to say "great deal". This site has become glitchy as **** to post on. Lags, freezes, etc.
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    No restocking fee until February? Never heard of that before! I would get that in writing from the sales associate to be sure.
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    I will definitely get everything in writing...it sounds a little too good to be true. I suspect that if they find a hairline scratch on the body of the phone they will consider it "damage" and initiate the restocking fee (or void the return altogether). I'll find out for sure.
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    Lol @ no restocking fee. Good luck with that.

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