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    How can this be this is essential to have..... big fail
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    Macromedia? Have I gone back in time to 2004?
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    Flash player isn't available on any mobile platform anymore (*)

    I believe on Android an old, unsupported version is still available in the UK, due to BBC iPlayer.

    I forget the name, but there is a WP8 browser that pretends to be an iPhone or Android device, that gets round a lot of websites, that don't yet detect the WP8 browser, and therefore you can watch videos online.
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    Metro browser claims to work with many flash sites, though I haven't had any success with it, yet.
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    I'm not sure how this essential to have since most websites have started to design for mobile and have included HTML5 versions of the videos instead of flash.
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    flash has been dropped for the most part by adobe with very few exceptions.
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