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  1. swanny78's Avatar

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    Got mime last night
  2. DuncanF62's Avatar

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    Didn't get an update push last night but it is there and I'm pulling it down now. Fingers crossed for the reboot issue to be solved but reading on a few other threads I'll not hold my breath ...
  3. morpheus1982's Avatar

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    Got mine last night too. No issues thus far.

    I was watching the cogs go around, while "refreshing" my Win8 PC. That was fun!
  4. DuncanF62's Avatar

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    Well that went smoothly enough. I also seemed to get a firmware update, although not to the level reported on the WPCentral article. I'm now at 20002.206 not 20003.401 and I don't have the Wifi Hotspots check box. No biggie. Fingers crossed for some stability against reboots ....
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    The 2000x is the new Firmware depending on your carrier and market. The French get 20004... Etc.
  6. DuncanF62's Avatar

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    Ah. Wifi Hotspots presumably being a carrier based add-on? I thought O2 were linked with BT for Wifi Hotspots?

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