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    The audio is ok when i use the 8X to play video or radio. But whenever i play music, it is very soft even when i max the volume to 30.

    So, is it a problem with my music files? I use itunes and transferred using the Windows Phone app on Mountain Lion.

    What should i do now?
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    your files may be replaygained way too low.
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    restart your phone. my phone does that sometimes too, and i have a 920
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    Yeah this happens on mu 8x a lot too. Hope they fix it soon. Just reboot and you should get nor.al volume.
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    Had this once before on my 8X. The amp just needed a reset.

    But you said streaming and video were fine?? That makes me want to agree with Tofu. I'm not sure the process for iTunes, but there should be a way to resample/normalize your tracks.. Try that, then resync. Let us know if that's it..

    Good luck..

    Happy Holidays;!

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