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    I have the 8x of course. ...which I love dearly of course. Well I was painting the house today and set the phone on the counter. So there I am la dee da da painting away, not paying attention, and a glop of paint falls off the roller and lands smack dab on the upper right corner of the phone...screen side up. O_O

    Thankfully the screen was protected and the phone was in a case, all of which protected the unit and allowed me to clean off the paint.

    Oh but for a brief moment, there was sheer horror!
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    YIKES!! Glad you were able to clean it off with no issues.
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    There is a tiny hair of yellow paint left between the lens and the body I cannot seem to clean. I suspect no one would notice it...but I notice it! Lol
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    Hahah lucky i got a BodyGlove protector case for the sides and back, but nothing for the front screen ur story is scarying me to get one haha oo how i would feel if something landed on the front screen haha
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