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    Hi! I just got an HTC 8X a couple days ago (switched from Galaxy Nexus) and I'm on a 2GB data plan since I use my ipad for nearly everything; but I heard a lot about windows phone not keeping a wifi signal when it goes to sleep. So does this mean that even when I see the wifi logo in the top when I'm at the Lockscreen, its still not working? When wifi is enabled, does it disable 3G automatically? This is elementary but I didn't want to go over my data because the OS can't turn off 3G when in wifi.
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    When you see the WiFi logo on the lockscreen it means that WiFi is on.
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    After last update,you can choose in settings to keep alive your wifi connection..
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    As stated above, you can now select wifi to stay on permanently even when the phone is "sleeping", I would add that the 8x has the best radio reception (cellular, Bluetooth and wifi) of any htc phone I have owned (which have been many). Cellular reception has been a revelation to me, I get a good signal in my house where my HTC Titan and HTC One x would have struggled. I also get a great fast cellular signal at my local curry house where previously I could only get a low speed signal, great for browsing the footie results on a Saturday evening while I wait for my take away!
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    when connected to wifi, your phone is using that for all data transfer, it wont use your 3g
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    When you connected to WiFi your data goes over WiFi. Tip: Use Edge when you don't need fast data or are on WiFi. It conserves a lot of battery.

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