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    Anyone else noticed the 8X having poor data connectivity indoors? It seems to switch much quicker to lower data rates (Edge) than my previous Lumia 800...
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    Have you updated to the latest 'Portico' firmware?

    I am also coming from a Lumia 800 and the 8X has far better data and wifi strength than the 800.
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    The update still hasn't arrived for this particular 8X model. I bought it in Hong Kong, unlocked and unbranded.
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    So nobody else feels their data connection is bad? Its not a speed issue. When it finds 4G its lightning fast. Is just find it drops to lower data rates very quickly when going inside buildings or even loses connection altogether...
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    My data and connectivity indicator keeps showing as not connected or no data, which is why I exchanged the first one. I thought it was dropping, and it would take a reboot to get it back. This one, I've found, is doing the same thing, but I was looking at a no-signal indicator and the phone rang. So, after I finished the call, I tried data, and it was working fine.

    I think there is something wrong with the code for the signal icon.
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    I have the 8X on AT&T, and while I love just about everything so far, I can't connect to the internet at all in my house unless I'm on WiFi. My previous phone (Lumia 900) connected to AT&T's LTE network throughout most of my house, so this is a bit of a letdown. To be fair, the 900 was the only phone out of the last eight or nine I've had that did get a good signal in my house, but still, bummer.
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    I'm not sure if the data, for me, is the phone or the provider.

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