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    My wife picked up the 8x and is getting acclimated, we were long time IOS users.
    When she has her phone muted it only vibrates on the initial ring, 2 quick buzzes, and thats it. She'd like it to do similar to the iphone where it vibrates with every ring.
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    I have been playing around with these vibrate settings.

    If you set it to Beep and volume on 0 it will vibrate on ring, pause then vibrate again. Interestingly some of the tones you can set for the ringer have slightly different vibrate patterns for some notifications.

    Hope that helps :)
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    I've actually noticed that the phone NEVER buzzes and rings/dings simultaneously. When I get a text it buzzes and then dings. When I get a call it buzzes and rings. Could it be a limitation in the OS?

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