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  1. xilammalix's Avatar

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    Has anyone removed the sticker on the back of the phone that really should be hiding somewhere in a removable part of a phone?
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    Hey there! I got my 8x a few weeks ago and thought the sticker was a little strange. Since there is no user access to the inside of the phone on the 8X, the SN/IMEI etc are on the outside of the phone. mine was a little tricky to peel off but once I got a corner up it peeled off cleanly leaving nothing behind. There's another copy of this sticker included in the box (at least in the 2 I've purchased) which you have to attach to the phone if you send it in for warranty repair.
  3. popartist's Avatar

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    I removed my sticker. A little tricky to get that first corner up, but then it came right off. It left a little smudge but it rubs off easily.
  4. Nophix's Avatar

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    I had 2 of them in the box on my 2nd 8x, none on the phone. The first one would have been peeled off had I kept it.
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  5. xilammalix's Avatar

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    Good to hear. I like the phone as is and don't plan to get a cover, I just don't like the sticker on it
  6. segadc's Avatar

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    Yeah I thought it was weird too. Too scared to peel it off but I guess I should. Yeah won't be getting a case. So there is no way to see this info within Windows Phone?
  7. adamjamess's Avatar

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    You should take it off. Your back will eventually get dirty and when the sticker starts to peel off you'll notice the area under the sticker is a nicer color than the rest of the phone.

    Posted from my Verizon Employee Edition DROID DNA #01749.
  8. xilammalix's Avatar

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    Took it off, adamjames you are right I could tell right away the discoloration from usage.
    Phone looks way better and it was easy to peel off.
    I checked the box and there are 4 more stickers included for warranty replacement purposes.
    This phone is too nice to cover!

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