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    Whenever i try to make a call on skype , my phones microphones don t work . If i make a call and put it on speaker then the phones microphones start working !! Can somebody help me with this ! i have a Windows Phone HTC 8x .
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    The Skype app for WP8 is still in preview form so there are a good deal many bugs. I would report the bug to the Skype team then try uninstalling, restarting phone, then reinstalling the app, that has resolved most of my Skype bugs so far. Hopefully a final version is coming soon.
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    It's already a documented bug that was caused by the Portico update. Skype is aware (vie their official support forum) and have announced that they will fix the issue by the next update.
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    Is this affecting 920 with portico also ?
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    It does not appear so.
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    Can please post link to HTC forum?

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