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    anyone know/think this will be available on other carriers, like AT&T? I'm hoping it is a limited time exclusive, I can wait.
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    Its only Verizon exclusive and I haven't heard the international having wireless charging.
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  3. henry.gray's Avatar

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    Its only Verizon 8X's that have wireless charging. I definitely know that UK carriers don't have wireless charging, in the 8X's.
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    I have an unlocked version from Verizon. How can I know if I have wireless charging?
  5. adamjamess's Avatar

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    The fact that it's a Verizon version.

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    All Verizon 8x's are unlocked, and all have qi charging.
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    You can wait for the hardware then manually installing the charging coil.
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    Do you guys know what wireless charger can I use with my phone? Does the chargers for Lumia works with HTC 8X? I read somewhere that the LG Pad Works, but I can't find it anywhere.
  9. philxor's Avatar

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    Anything which uses the Qi wireless charging standard will work, the Lumia charger works great.
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    Im using the Nokia Fatboy charging pillow. It came with my employee edition Verizon HTC 8X (gray with limelight yellow). It works great. I've heard since it is a Qi charging that any Qi wireless charging product should work. I know all the ones Verizon sells will work (I work for Verizon). Hope this helps

    BTW the Nokia Fatboy wireless charging pillow is on sell from Verizon right now for $59.99 I think. The original price I believe is $99.99. Pick one up it works great
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    Thanks guys, for the reply. I will check the offer on Verizon site.
  12. ygtgngr's Avatar

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    Can't we find a case for non-verizon devices like the ones for iphones which enables qi charging??
  13. gibbage's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by ygtgngr View Post
    Can't we find a case for non-verizon devices like the ones for iphones which enables qi charging??
    Its way too early for that, and it all depends on demand. The biggest problem is that a charging case would add significant bulk, and take up the micro-usb connector. I have seen the cases for iPhones and they are massive and add about 1" to the lower part of the phone. This phone is already way tall.

    I hope that someone will come up with a home brew mod to install the inductive coil yourself, that is if the non-Verizon units have the room for it. Does anyone know if it does?
  14. RSB54's Avatar

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    I don't really like exclusives, but get the value of them. It sure doesn't make sense though to permanently restricting a popular feature from a large user base. I'm still hopeful it will come to ATT 8X's soon.

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