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    Hi, I am new here and I am considering getting windows phone 8x because I am getting bored with Android. I am currently using T-Mobile's no contract plan and I am wondering if I can just buy the 8x at full price and then pop my sim card in and it will work? I have been to the T-Mobile site and I click on no contract phones and they do not have the 8x on there. They have the s3 on there as a no contract but why not the 8x? Any input will be a great help!
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    If you're that afraid, just get the Verizon version. It runs or $550 and can be used with T-Mo's 3G network. It also has the wireless charging feature, which other versions don't have.
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    You have to change some settings if your comfortable with that
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    If it worked on your S3 it should definitely work on 8x I did the same thing when I had my hd7
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    i popped my t-mobile monthly 4g sim carrd in my 8x and it worked fine :P
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    Around Nov 17, I walked into a T Mobile store and was able to purchase an 8x for $600, and sign up for the $60/month no contract plan.

    It's been great. A bit stiff paying list for the phone, but considering the $110/month I was paying AT&T on contract, I figure I'll be money ahead after a year.
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    You can buy any GSM phone and put it on T-Mobile, but if the phone doesn't support the 1700mhz UMTS band you'll be on the 2G speed EDGE network alllll the time.

    I definitely recommend getting the T-Mobile branded phone, and if portico is any example it looks like we'll be getting updates promptly as well

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