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    Grooveshark.com streaming music service at html5.grooveshark.com (beta) seems good as a free music streaming service for Windows phones.
    However, it stops playing the music queue after the lock screen setting has expired. Max is 5 minutes in my HTC8.

    So, to make this work, there needs to be:
    1) an app perhaps that allows the screen to be kept alive longer than 5 minutes (like screebl on Android which watches for accelerometer positions),
    2) allows background music to play longer than 5 minutes,
    3) a browser created just for music streaming which has hooks/permissions for background tasks (keep alive) permissions,
    4) an app that gives permission to IE10 to background task (optionally, with on/off switch would be good)
    5) ? Please enter your suggestions as replies to this post. I'm totally open to suggestions. I just want to be able to play a queue while on a treadmill. Bonus points for someone that can figure out how to do this and have the lock screen on thereby ignoring touch screen input (so I could put my phone in my pocket and stream grooveshark.com)

    I'm also open to other music streaming option suggestions. I like the format where I can queue my choice of music as opposed to a Pandora type of "here's what we permit you to listen to" type music streaming service.

    Thanks for any and all input,

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