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    HTC are keeping tight lipped about when (or if) the 8X will be available in the UK.
    Is it possible to buy it sim free, unlocked in the US and is there any reason why it wouldn't work in the UK?
  2. Dawn Banks's Avatar

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    You might try buying the 8X from Verizon at thir no-contract price. Verizon's phones are, I believe, unlocked.
  3. tonypeters's Avatar

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    I bought a Verizon one in the US last month for the UK (Vodafone SIM). Works fine except you can't save MMS settings (MMS won't currently work), tethering is disabled and I'm still waiting for the latest Portico update.

    If you do get one, make sure you turn off the international assist in call settings! Without disabling that, I couldn't send any SMS as it tried to prefix all numbers with a 0011 or something.

    Personally, I think I should have just bought one in the UK on pre-pay for the same price from any high street shop (Computer Exchange in Crawley even had an unlocked HTC version for 350!).
  4. LeiChat's Avatar

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    Thanks for the info.
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    once if you unlock,you can use any carriers to your HTC 8X .this you can do from any third party vendors online like Onlinegsmunlock.com .
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    I have a limelight yellow 8X from america :) and it works fine!

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